TARI’- Passito bianco – Daunia I.G.P.

The history of Moscato di Trani goes back as far as the 13th century, when the merchants of the Republic of Venice made the wine famous throughout much of Europe.

The Italian muscat it is among the most common grapes for vineyard area and includes several varieties, including the white Muscat, Muscat yellow and orange flower. Tarì is obtained from the white also locally calLed the Reale. This variety is the most prized, and its name comes from muscum (moss) for the intense aroma and its sweet aroma.

Amber colour with yel ow-orange reflects like a summer sunset; luxury wine with great
personality and taste with an extraordinary predisposition to maturation in bottle,
obtaining year-by-year elegance, complexity and harmony in the rispect for the
most beautiful tradition of straw wines by southern Italy.

Variety: 100% Moscato;
Food pairings: His ideal match is with pastries, especially the dry or almonds. But we suggest it too in combining with erbs matured cheeses by creamy sheep and goat. Unforgettable with foie gras, strictly by goose, and brioche bread.
Serving: 6/8°C.

Note: is a Passito low content of sulphites. Is made entirely from our own grapes, vinified and bottled in our own winery.

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