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S.AGATA  » visit website    –   only 16 Km – 19 minutes from the Winery!         Imagine a truncated pyramid, and all around hundreds of houses, tiny, with some other more daring architectural refinement. And imagine you, the sunset, in front of a crib, with many lights to act as magical setting. This is Sant’Agata di Puglia, certainly one of the most picturesque of the province of Foggia.

Sights: Imperial Castle; Medieval Village; Urban park of stone works; Church St. Agatha; Palace Volpe; Palazzo de Marinis Calcagno; Capria palace; Torraca palace; Vinciguerra palace; Palace Barbato; Roman bridge over Calaggio.





ASCOLI SATRIANO  » visit website   –   only 16,4 Km – 20 minutes from the Winery!         In its immediate vicinity, in a never identified but almost certainly located in a valley close to the river Carapelle, took place in 279 BC battle between Pyrrhus and the Roman army. The ancient history of Ascoli has emerged several times and an entire hill, today Archaeological Park, can be considered an extraordinary open-air museum.

Places of tourist and cultural interest: Archaeological Park of Daunia; Archaeological Museum; Inner city; Ducal Palace; Cathedral; Municipal Library; Mosaics of Domus; Archaeological Area Villa Faragola.


MELFI  » visit website   –   only 28 km – 37 minutes from the Winery!         Melfi had several dominators, amongst them were Normans and Swabians, who had a predominant influence over the cultural heritage of this town. Federico II (Frederick II) made it one of his main residences. The spectacular scene of its mediaeval centre, with the wonderful ‘Duomo’ (Cathedral), contrasts with the modern shape of a present industrial centre.

Places of tourist and cultural interest: Castello di Melfi, Museo archeologico, museo Diocesano, Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta, Centro storico, Chiesa Rupestre  di Santa Margherita, Cinta Muraria, Porta Venosina.


BOVINO  » visit website   –   only 34,4, km  from the Winery!         Cattle was the ancient Roman colony Vibinum, as evidenced by the numerous archaeological finds now kept in the beautiful museum. The country had an extraordinary strategic importance both to be from the beginning a military target. Mentioned by Pliny, in 217 BC Hannibal besieged. The town offers a beautiful view of the Valley of Cervaro and from its almost 650 meters above sea level boasts an air always pleasant.

Sights: Old Town; Cathedral; Civic Museum; Diocesan museum and library; Castle; Roman Aqueduct; Valleverde Sanctuary; Valley Cattle; Cervaro stream; Church of the Rosary; Church of the Annunciation; Church of St. Francis; Church of St. Peter.



SANTUARIO DELL’INCORONATA  » visit website   –   41 km – 50 minutes from the Winery!         In a sign of spiritual continuity the Sanctuary of the Madonna Incoronata jealously guards a whole patrimony of traditions linked to the cult of the Madonna Incoronata.

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TROIA  » visit website   –   only 45 km – 41 minutes from the Winery!         In the foothills of the Apennines Daunian meets Troy, known everywhere for its splendid rose embroidered famous cathedral.

Places of tourist and cultural interest: Cathedral; St. Basil the Great; Museum of the Treasure of the Cathedral; Diocesan Museum; Civic Museum.


S. GIOVANNI ROTONDO  » visit website   –   86,4 Km – 81 minutes from the Winery!          Padre Pio, but not only. San Giovanni Rotondo owes much to the humble friar, canonized by popular acclaim.

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