ARAGONA – Aglianico barricato



Aragona comes from an accurate selection of Aglianico grapes, farmed on sequential harvest. The experience and know-how of the farmer, coupled with the technique of the oenologist, create a product for the final consumer that is quite unique. This Wine is aged one year long in Franch and American durmast barriques. It ends its aging in bottles, before being released. It is a wine of extraordinary richness and elegance that reaches its peak within the first seven years and still retains its character for many years after.

Grape Variety: 100% “Aglianico del Taburno”; Altavilla is made entirely from our own Aglianico grapes;
Serving suggestions: Aragona’s slightly tannic, full-bodied and superbly savoury flavour makes it an ideal accompaniment to game and roast meats, spicy dishes and marinated meat. Serve at room temperature;
Serve at temperature of: 18/20 °C. 

Note: It is a wine with low content of sulphites. 

Packaging:  in 75 cl arnos bottles – boxes of 3/6 bottles              

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