BIANCOFIORE – 100 % Fiano


A superlative example of a white wine from the Daunian Apennines, this unique white is produced entirely from our own Fiano grapes, which take their name from the Latin “Vitis Apiane”. A historic grape variety, you can find many references to its virtues going back across the centuries even to the noble Pliny’s Natural History, where he writes: “… the bees (“api”) gave this magnificent grape its surname (“Apiana”) because of the eagerness with which they sucked on the fruit!”.

Grape Variety: 100% “Fiano di Avellino”; Biancofiore is made entirely from our own Fiano grapes;
Serving suggestions: A clean, harmonious and delicate taste make this a refreshing wine that is excellent as an aperitif. With food, it is a faithful companion to structured richly-flavoured meals, fish and seafood starters, soups, white meat dishes that are not extremely complex and soft cheeses.
Serve at temperature of: 8/10 °C.

Note: It is a wine with low content of sulphites with a great longevity with a number of charatteristics that develop to their full potential after some years

Packaging:  in 75 cl arnos bottles – boxes of 3/6 bottles

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