BOLLA D’ORO – Brut Sparkling Wine


We’ve chosen the “Bombino Bianco” grapes as a basis for our Bolla D’Oro sparkling wine. It probably dates back to the sixteenth century, when the famous “disfida di Barletta” battle took place, and when the Southern Italy was under the rule of Spain. 

The “Bombino Bianco” grapes like deep and dry grounds; they’re one of the most appreciated kind of grapes for the sparkling winemaking. We’ve chosen the “Bolla D’Oro” grapes in order to create, with Charmat method, a sparkling wine that express its elegance in flavour with a perfect balance of fruity notes.  

Type of wine: Spumante bianco, Charmat method. Bolla d’Oro is made entirely from our own grapes;
Pairing: Refined aperitif, but can also accompany the entire meal. Excellent with appetizers of fish, shellfish and molluscs;
At the temperature of +6° to +8° C. Uncork just before serving.

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