…su Quency: Bolla D’Oro in Canada!

Kandea vola oltre oceano approdando in Canada sulle loro riviste specializzate!!!

Stupendo poter leggere: 

“Lately, when you hear about the region of Puglia (Apulia) in Italy, it’s
usually in relation to Zinfandel, or as the Puglianese call it, Primitivo.
[…] But Puglia is not just about one grape (though it may seem that way); the region is as diversified as any other in Italy for what it grows, with many indigenous varieties making up the fabric of its wines.

As you can imagine, being in the South of Italy, there is a need
for refreshing, summery wines like whites and rosés — and there
are plenty to be had. I even discovered, to my surprise, that the
sparkling revolution had made it to the south of Italy. Though,
maybe the bigger surprise was the quality of these bubbles,
which are made primarily in the Charmat method, with longer
aging times on lees to give the wines some depth and character”.

[…] In Puglia, the wines truly do speak for themselves; they
are unique to this area. And while the grapes may travel up
and down the country – and sometimes overseas — the wines
made here truly do have that element of terroir that makes
them gems to be prized.

…E’ inutile dirVi che si parlava di BOLLA D’ORO, il nostro Spumante millesimato Brut, da loro conosciuto in occasione di Radici Sud 2017

Che cosa pote dire se non GRAZIE CANADA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!