…about our Aglianico Wine!


Èincredibile, like the Aglianico manages to keep its recognition independently from the places where it is cultivated, both on the slopes of mount Vulture, on the irpinia or samnite, or on the flat land of Puglia. Of course the nuances are different, as are different interpretations of the producers, but this variety keeps a fil rouge that saves the identity.

      If in the area of the Taurasi is expressed with bold colors, sometimes a bit rough, with spicy notes of tobacco and dried flowers, and in that of the Taburno, it keeps it more fruity with aromas and flavors that evoke blackberry and black currant, in the Vulture, depending on the elevation of cultivation, is expressed with some tone floral,cherry and tobacco but with a taste balance is relatively more immediate. Here, in Middle Earth in the countryside of the Candle, the crossroads of the Vulture, Sannio and Irpinia, aglianico could be an epitome of the three areas: the pulp and the fruit of the Taburno, elegance and sour tension of the Irpinia and the immediacy with smooth tannins of the Vulture. So the Altavilla 2013 Kandea, is made from grapes grown in 200 metres, on calcareous soil, rocky, shows a pleasant surprising, with fragrance direct of blackberry and pepper. The structure is elegant, proper, with dense tannins and sweet. The final then is everything to enjoy in its enviable persistence.