ALTAVILLA – 100 % Aglianico


The Aglianico grape variety brought to Italy by the Greeks as early as 6 B.C. was known in Latin as the Greek Grape or “Vitis Hellenica”, and its qualities were much praised in the odes of Horace and writings of other famous figures of Ancient Roman history, including Pliny and Virgil. The high complexity and the deep structure of Aglianico, grown directly in the vineyards, give Aragona an extraordinary ability for long ageing in the bottle.

Grapre Variety: 100% “Aglianico del Taburno”; Altavilla is made entirely from our own Aglianico grapes;
Serving suggestions: Aragona’s slightly tannic, full-bodied and superbly savoury flavour makes it an ideal accompaniment to game and roast meats, spicy dishes and marinated meat.

Serve at temperature of:

Note: It is a wine with low content of sulphites.

Packaging:  in 75 cl arnos bottles – boxes of 3/6 bottles

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