BIANCOFIORE 2013 – 90/100 ONAV guide

90/100 POINTS by ONAV

We are very happy with the score given by ONAV to our Fiano BIANCOFIORE 2013

Prosit is the everlasting guide of Italian wines issued by ONAV (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Vini – Wine Tasters National Organization).  

Kandea Winery choose Prosit because it is an independent, objective and highly selective guide, and it is unique in the publishing industry. 

  • No advertisements or other types of subsidies by wineries nor commercial companies.
  • All the wines have been blind tested by 70 Territorial Commissions mandatorily composed by ONAV oenologists and expert ONAV tasters.
  • A second Central Commission composed by at least 6 members coming from different geographic areas of the Country was formed to certify the pre-selected wines.
  • Endless potential of reviewed wines.

Editor-in-chief of the Guide: Pasquale Porcelli 
Editing Director: Vito Intini 
Project coordinators: Michele Alessandria, Andrea Briano, Alessandro Brizi, Daniele Cernilli, Lorenzo Colombo, Flavia Rendina, Alessandra Ruggi and more than 30 co-workers and panel leaders who lead the tastings at regional level. 

 Good Wine to all of you and…Prosit!